Soderbergh 6

While he may have a different definition of “retired” than we do, if Steven Soderbergh has more time to talk about filmmaking, his favorite subject, then we’re all for the continued sabbatical, especially since he’s dedicated to working on the small screen. While we wait for the celebrated director to finally write a book on filmmaking – perhaps one that would rival the impact of Robert Rodriguez’s “Rebel Without A Crew” – we’ll settle for his famous DVD commentaries, which often find the helmer paired up with a notable guest. Thankfully, Film School Thru Commentaries has something to scratch our itch.

The handy site often trawls through DVD commentaries in order to condense them into their most succinct portions, where the best advice and lessons on the actual process of filmmaking lie. Some of the site’s recent updates include Soderbergh, first teaming up with Mark Romanek in a three-part forty-minute long clinic on low-budget filmmaking and then conducting a two-part wide-ranging discussion with playwright-turned-director Neil LaBute.

The commentaries are well worth your time, whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker or just a film lover wanting to hear two professionals talk about their chosen craft. You can listen to the commentaries below.