The Runner, Nicolas Cage

These days, Nicolas Cage makes the kind of the movies that open in a handful of cinemas before disappearing into the nether regions of whatever VOD service you use. Did you see "The Runner" or "Pay The Ghost"? Did you even hear about them? Didn't think so. But every now and then Cage still shows a flicker of his past glory, in doing projects like David Gordon Green's "Joe" or Oliver Stone's upcoming "Snowden." And the actor still has a couple of major directors on his bucket list that he'd like to get on set with.

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"I would love to work with Paul Thomas Anderson. I think that he's one of the greats. And he's certainly a true artist. Quentin Tarantino and I, the two of us could really do something quite special. But I remain positive and hopeful that it will eventually happen," he told Newsweek.

Um, yes please. I could easily see Cage in great roles for both directors, so let's hope he gets on the phone with either one (or both) of them soon and they make it happen. It's still a pretty great thing to watch Cage get unleashed with good material, and in those filmmakers hands, he could do some of his best work yet.