Jay Roach Attached To Direct

Listen Hollywood, we know that for whatever inane reason you can't find sufficient reason to greenlight "Anchorman 2" or "Zoolander 2" (yet), but holy sweet molasses, when Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis come knocking on your door, don't turn them away.

Deadline reports that the two major funnymen are attached to a political comedy pitch that is going out to studios as you read this. The project, which would be directed by Jay Roach ("Meet The Parents," "Dinner For Schmucks"), is described as a "political comedy about 2 candidates timed to 2012's U.S. presidential election."

Of course, Ferrell is no stranger to playing politicians, having embodied George W. Bush in his now iconic parody of the former president. And Galifianakis is Galifianakis, so the promise of the two of them squaring off in a politically charged comedy sounds amazing. As for Roach, he's been down the political road before, helming the HBO drama "Recount," but obviously, this would probably have more random absurd outbursts, non-sequiturs and possible male nudity than that film.

So c'mon Hollywood. We can tolerate six "Kung Fu Panda" movies if you throw us a bone with this one.