Marvel Phase 1 Boxset Package

Back in September, Marvel was getting ready to drop an elaborate box set, including all the Phase One films, housed in a fancy briefcase featuring a replica of the Tesseract (see above). But there was a small problem. The design of the briefcase was copyrighted by a German luggage company and the paperwork and rights hadn't been cleared by the comic company for use in this kind of packaging. The result was a delay on the set, and lots of unhappy faces this Christmas. But, there is a silver lining -- the set is now back on track and will feature even more for fans.

EW reports that "Marvel’s Cinematic Universe: Phase One" will now drop on April 2, 2013, and it will feature even more extra goodies than before. Among them will be some kind of tease for Phase Two, which we presume will mean at least a look at "Thor: The Dark World," which will be in post-production by then and perhaps a bit of "Iron Man 3" (which opens a month later on May 3, 2013). Even more intriguingly, Marvel has dug up more footage cut from the movies to offer up to fans, among them, an alternate ending to "Thor" (which you can watch over at EW).

“We went back to the editor's assembly of each film and discovered some rare moments that dropped out of the films early on and had not been released on prior discs,” Marvel honcho Kevin Feige said. So, for all you completists out there, this set will be a dream.

The set goes on pre-sale at fine online retailers today. It will set you back $219 dollars.