Wolf of Wall Street

“You know what a Fugazi is? A Fugazee, fugazi, it’s a wahzee, it’s a woozee, it’s [whistles], fairy dust.” Matthew McConaughey is in Martin Scorsese’s three hour opus “The Wolf of Wall Street,” for what, all of fifteen minutes? But as per usual in the last few years, he steals the show as Leonardo DiCaprio’s insane Wall Street d-bag mentor. His rules for living, as mentioned in our review is, “masturbate several times a day and ingest generous amounts of cocaine.”

And of course that scene is topped off with Big Mac’s now infamous chest-beating sequence where McConaughey’s character hums his strange mantra – “Mmmmhhhmmm......mmhhhmmm....mhhhmmm.” We suppose the remix was inevitable and well, it’s arrived thanks to the folks over at Eclectic Method who given it the preordained dubstep-y remix.

Meanwhile, in an old, pre-McConaissance interview making the rounds from 2011, the actor told “George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight” the origins of “alright, alright, alright,” the catchphrase of his now icon characters David Wooderson from Richard Linklater’s “Dazed And Confused,” and the same phrase he used during his Oscar speech. How did the phrase come about? Well, you’ve just got to watch the charismatic explanation from the man himself. Check out that clip, the remix and the original chest-bump scene below.

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