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Matthew Vaughn Was A Yeller, Already Thinking Sequels & 18 Things Learned About 'X-Men First Class'

The Playlist By Edward Davis | The Playlist June 3, 2011 at 6:47AM

"X" marks the spot! (Sorry, had to go there.) After a long wait, at least quality-wise, the mutants are back and "X-Men: First Class" has arrived and opens in theaters nationwide today. This super hero film also lands with a rather huge sigh of relief to three distinctly different groups of people. 1) The fans: after having to endure two mediocre to abysmal installments of the 'X-Men' series ("X-Men: The Last Stand" and "X-Men Origins: Wolverine"), the Matthew Vaughn-directed "X-Men: First Class," is a nice return to form and almost on-par with Bryan Singer's much beloved "X2" (read our positive review) 2) The non-disastrous quality of the film is also a huge sigh of relief to the cast who were expecting something else. 'First Class' was shot, edited and finished in a lightning-fast 10-month period and actors have already publicly admitted that the uber-rushed-production of the film made them worry they were putting their efforts into polishing a turd. So a remarkably steady picture -- also considering the myriad story threads -- is not only a major comfort, it's a major surprise. 3) The studio: Trying to get their blockbuster brand back to health, 20th Century Fox gambled big time with the rushed schedule of "X-Men: First Class," but thanks to Vaughn they rolled snake eyes. This should be precipitating whoops and cheers from the execs, frankly.The film wasn't cheap to make, the actual production was one huge question mark, but now their franchise is back in good standing with critics (and soon to be fans) and sequels will surely be on their way (and yes, everyone in the cast is signed up for a trilogy, as is de rigueur these days). The film's arrival is good news to everyone.

People like to shit on 20th Century Fox, but Vaughn says they were extremely supportive. Also Fox chief Tom Rothman may not be Satan as previously assumed.
"Fox were the best partners you could imagine and I speak my mind, and if they had screwed me around, I would be shouting it from the rooftops right now," Vaughn said. "It was such a creatively-rewarding experience working with them and they were so supportive of everything. We had nine weeks of post basically to finish this movie from when we finally wrapped and I was like, 'We're never going to do this,' and they just rallied around me, gave me every tool imaginable, and just kept me feeling like we could do it. (Tom) Rothman and Emma Watts were true allies. They gave me brilliant notes and never tried to interfere, just tried to make the film better. I have no idea why Tom has the reputation he has now, because I would let the guy be my ally on any film I made whether he was a head of the studio or not."

The cast are happy the film is not in 3D
"Well, it's not in 3-D, that's a start," Fassbender told MTV when describing what separates the film from other super hero films coming out this summer. "It's not in 3-D, thank the heavens," McAvoy agreed. "I think the X-Men, the X-people, mutants, they use their powers for good, just like a superhero does, but they don't feel like superheroes. They feel like real people more — maybe that's the thing that sets it apart."

Presuming they return screenwriters Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz are also already thinking sequels and characters they'd like to introduce.
"We would like to introduce Cable. He's such a cool character and we haven't seen him in any of the films yet," they told Gigwise of the futuristic character with ties to the "X-Men" past. "Avatar" actor Stephen Lang is apparently already interested in the role and Cable co-creator Rob Liefeld previously issued a plea to 20th Century Fox, singling Lang out as the ideal actor to play the character. "Dear 20th Century Fox, Please sign Steven Lang as Cable and put him in your next X-men film. Thanks, Rob," he wrote on Twitter.

Jennifer Lawrence sought advice from Rebecca Romijn about the lengthy make-up process.
"Her advice was mostly just kind of, 'Don't worry about it. Don't listen to what they tell you,'" she explained. "Because they tell you not to drink alcohol or eat spicy food, because they remove the make-up with alcohol. And she just said, 'Don't listen to that. It will drive you crazy.' "

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