The Avengers Empire Cover Header

We guess that FX work is really going to be coming in under the wire, because some more shots of "The Avengers" have arrived, if you just can't wait to see which direction they'll be looking in now, today is your day.

Empire has four new covers featuring Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow and Thor, and it's pretty variations on the same poses we've seen in about five zillion banners and one sheets for the past few months. Excitement! They are also all collected via horrible Photoshop on a single cover, subscriber's only cover. Meanwhile, SuperHeroHype has scanned a few images from the magazine and they include: Nick Fury standing! Hawkeye and Black Widow sitting! Nick Fury showing Captain America a document! Will the 3D be enough to capture so much visual glory!?

Anyway, still more time for more (exciting) stuff to come from the movie (including The Incredible Hulk...he's in this right?). "The Avengers" lands on May 4th.

The Avengers Empire Cover Group
The Avengers Thor Empire Cover
The Avengers Black Widow Empire Cover
The Avengers Captain America Cover Empire
The Avengers Iron Man Empire Cover
The Avengers Nick Fury Captain America Empire Scan
The Avengers Black Widow Hawkeye Scan
The Avengers Nick Fury Scan