One Direction Morgan Spurlock

If you needed any further evidence that Morgan Spurlock has slid from somebody who perhaps had an interesting viewpoint on modern contemporary life to a man who is churning out doc shlock, here it is: he'll be directing the One Direction 3D concert movie.

That's right, the latest boy-band sensation is following in the footsteps of Justin Bieber and Katy Perry and getting their own movie that will make its way to bargain bins and pop culture irrelevancy soon enough. For Spurlock it's another project in a string of lightweight movies that has seen him turn his ever winking camera to Star Wars nerds ("Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope"), male grooming ("Mansome"), himself/advertising ("The Greatest Movie Ever Sold") and hell, he even made the hunt for Osama Bin Laden seem pretty trivial with "Where In The World Is Osama Bin Laden."

This will be your standard (carefully vetted) "behind-the-scenes" plus concert-footage movie, and we don't see what Spurlock sees in this other than a paycheck and a chance to play with 3D. We're even more curious about how he was selected out of all people to helm this thing -- the boys all would have been roughly ten years old or so when "Super Size Me" came out. Anyway, if you want to see the result of this union between commerce, labor and marketing, it will open on August 30, 2013. [ComingSoon]