Alright, by popular demand (not really), we have yet another post on this tiny, little picture by Terrence Malick called "The Tree Of Life" you may have heard about. We've gotten our hands on a list of all the music that's utilized in the film (the score is its own thing though).

Perhaps the most memorable music from this list will be “Siciliana Da Antiche Danze Ed Arie Suite III” by Ottorino Respighi and “My Country –Vltava (The Moldau)” by composer Bedrich Smetana both of which are featured in the original "Tree Of Life" trailers. Mostly meditative choral pieces, requiems, slowly growing classical or opera pieces and occasionally something more trance-inducing and ambient, the music isn't something you're likely going to rock on your iPod (ok, maybe some tracks before bed), but if you want a quick peek window into the mood, tone and timbre of Malick's latest picture, the music below will definitely guide you there. Perhaps one of the more interesting uses of music is Arsenije Jovanovic, a Serbian radio-art composer who weaves voices, instruments, field recordings and manipulated sound into his natural environment compositions.

Yes, this music is, in a sense, spoiler-ish if you want to go into Malick's temple unfeathered and with a puuuure experience (don't forget to splash yourself with holy water and kiss the feet of the Malick statue, yo), but if you want to get a quick taste of the angelic, heavenly and gorgeously divine music in the film that's not the original score composed by Alexandre Desplat, the list of music in the film, and some accompanying youtube clips when available, are on the next page.