We think we'd rather be watching "Sherlock Jr." instead.

Just like that, Original Media and Freight Yard Films announced today that production has started on "Sunlight Jr.," which sounds like a total bummer of a movie. We guess that's not exactly a shocker coming from Laurie Collyer, the director of "Sherrybaby." Starring Naomi Watts and Matt Dillon, the story will follow two down on their luck have-nots, Melissa (Watts) a convenience store clerk and her paraplegic boyfriend Richie (Dillon). A ray of light comes into their lives when Melissa discovers she's pregnant, but that is short lived because not only does she soon lose her job, they get booted from the hotel where they live. Geez, did Lars Von Trier write this thing? (Nope, Collyer).

All snark aside, Watts is no lightweight so we'll be eager to see her performance even if it's essentially shaping up to a white trash "Precious." Maybe Adam Levine will play a nurse? No release date, but it'll probably show up on the festival circuit next year.