We're not sure what your plans are this holiday weekend, but as far as movies go, there's not better occasion than to throw on the blockbuster that started them all—"Jaws." Steven Spielberg's beach terror masterpiece still stands as one of the great summer movies, and now you can take your enjoyment to the next level.

Narragansett Beer have brought back the 1975 design featured in "Jaws," so you too can feel like Captain Sam Quint squinting over the horizon. The beer company has a few other plans for the summer months, including "supporting shark conservation efforts in the Atlantic Ocean and giving ‘Gansett fans a chance to name and track an adopted shark!" But mostly, they just want you to #CrushItLikeQuint. And yes, that is an actual hashtag. Check out the retro poster below and get ready to drink like a battle scarred captain facing down the greatest terror he's even seen. [Shortlist]

Narragansett Beer Poster