Flight Denzel

As the fall movie season approaches, with the big film festivals bleeding into the Oscar crush and blockbuster Christmas season, we'll be seeing the marketing machine at various studios start to churn into overdrive, most likely coughing sooty smoke and belching flames. And just recently a host of new photos have been unleashed for a number of this fall's more prestigious pics, including Robert Zemeckis' "Flight," David Chase's "Not Fade Away," Brit dramedy "Song For Marion," and the Clint Eastwood vehicle "Trouble with the Curve." 

Hey U Guys has a couple of new "Flight" images – mostly of Denzel Washington, as the drug-addled, booze-swilling version of Sully Sullenberger. The film, which will be the closing night screening at the New York Film Festival, markers the first live action movie Robert Zemeckis has made in nearly a dozen years, and we couldn't be more excited. 

Flight skip crop