Jack Reacher Tom Cruise Robert Duvall

Over the weekend, this writer finished reading "Persuader," one of Lee Child's dozen plus books centering on ex-military man turned drifter/problem solver Jack Reacher, and it only underscores how divisive the casting of Tom Cruise is in "Jack Reacher," based on "One Shot." In the books, Reacher is a six foot something, larger than life bruiser whose sheer physical size can be intimdating to those who cross his path -- not exactly the kind of image you get from the 5'7" Cruise. But with a new image now landing, writer/director Christopher McQuarrie is ready to address the doubters. 

"I have an abiding respect for the fans," he told Entertainment Weekly in their recent fall issue. "But until they see the movie, there's not really a discussion to be had. I only answer to Lee Child, who said, 'Why wouldnt I want the biggest star in the world to play this character I created?' ” Touche.

"Jack Reacher" opens on December 21st. [Kinopoisk]