Paranormal Activity 4 skip crop

While “The Impossible” looks to bring some real terror to theaters, Paramount is banking that more people want to see shoddy camerawork and cheap atmospherics in their latest 'Paranormal Activity' outing, “P4r4norm4l 4ctivity 4,” aka “Paranormal Activity 4.” Without context, we’d assume this teenaged girl is getting a little pervy on her computer late at night – while her younger brother seems to be watching it all happen from the doorway. But knowing the franchise (*SPOILERS FOR ALL “PARANORMAL ACTIVITY” MOVIES AHEAD*), we assume it’s some demon spawn who’s haunted her entire family for ages and is now looking to make loud noises and throw things around in the middle of the night. “P4r4norm4l 4ctivity 4” is set to haunt theaters on October 19th, and here’s to hoping that demonic spirits are the only ones seeing this and laughing at how us silly humans get it all wrong. [Yahoo]