Robert Pattinson Breaking Dawn 2 skip crop

Meanwhile, a movie that you won't have to mistake for an Oscar contender, the franchise (and relationship?) ending "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -- Part 2" is coming to finally end the story about Edward, Bella, Jacob and everyone else.

In case you care, the story will find RPatz and KStew as parents, raising their little hellion Renesmee, who the Volturi believe is some kind of immortal kid or something, and they venture to try to kill her. Something like that. We sort of don't care about the details. Either you're seeing this or you're not, and you already know which camp you fall into. If you're the former, then you might get something out of these new pics.

'Breaking Dawn 2' hits on November 16th. [MTV]

Breaking Dawn 2 skip crop