Sound Of My Voice Brit Marling

It's one thing for Fox Searchlight to take on a drama about cults from a first time feature filmmaker with no major stars. But it's entirely another thing for the studio to drop a generous helping of the first twelve minutes of the film online, before even a standard trailer has arrived. But that's just what they did earlier this month in a smart move that for anyone who watched (and you should) hooked viewers right into the movie, with the preview ending just at the moment you want to know more.

Starring Brit Marling, who co-wrote the film with director Zal Batmanglij, 'Sound' follows a journalist and his girlfriend as they attempt to infiltrate a cult, and investigate its mysterious and magnetic leader Maggie. The film drew raves at Sundance in 2011, and while the wait has been long, Fox Searchlight are finally bring the film to theaters this spring. A new batch of photos from have arrived in case you need a little more to hold you over until the film arrives.

"The Sound Of My Voice" opens on April 27th as Batmanglij told us, "make sure you see it before other people start talking about it, because there are lots of other twists and turns that people will start writing about." Check out the images below.

Sound Of My Voice Nicole Vicius Christopher Denham
Sound Of My Voice Richard Wharton Christopher Denham
Sound Of My Voice Brit Marling
Sound Of My Voice Brit Marling Christopher Denham