All Is Lost Robert Redford

Screw in your eyeballs, and take a sneak peek at some movies coming soon.... and not so soon.... to a theater to near you.

First up, we kind of forgot this movie was even happening, but back in December Robert Redford signed on to star in "Margin Call" director J.C. Chandor's man vs. nature tale "All Is Lost" and it seems it quietly went in front of cameras, with the film recently wrapping. No exact plot details, but Deadline says the movie will find Redford's character getting lost at sea and fighting the elements to stay alive. Simple, straightforward it seems, but we wonder if there is more to it than meets the eye here. At any rate, Redford will get very, very wet.

No release date yet, but we think it's a safe bet that both Chandor and Redford will want this one ready for Sundance in January.