Cosmopolis Robert Pattinson Sarah Gadon

We always knew that David Cronenberg's "Cosmopolis" was going to be something special, but still, no one was quite prepared for the first teaser trailer that dropped last week. All Gaspar Noé strobe lights and lettering, our minds were fucked with images of Robert Pattinson shooting through his own hand, a goddamn dinosaur, futuristic guns and Juliette Binoche getting it on with Eric Packer in the back of a limo. So yeah, we're stoked.

Now, a few more images for the film have landed at the official website. Here, we get our first look at Paul Giamatti holding a badass looking weapon, as well as snaps of Pattinson, Binoche and Sarah Gadon. And while the film is based on Don DeLillo's novel about 24 hours in the life of a young billionaire as he drives around Manhattan in his pimped out limo, clearly, he's going to be having one helluva day.

Take a look at the images below. "Cosmopolis" opens in France on May 23rd and is pretty much a certainty for Cannes. No domestic date or distributor has been announced...yet. [via CinemaBlend]

Cosmopolis Paul Giamatti
Cosmopolis Juliette Binoche
Cosmopolis Sarah Gadon