Oz The Great And Powerful Poster Header

If the "World War Z" teaser poster was perhaps the low point of studio laziness, then this new one sheet for "Oz The Great And Powerful" is what happens when a marketing department has no idea what they're selling. Or they consult someone on DeviantArt to do some graphic design work for them. Because seriously, WTF.

Utilizing the let's-put-everything-on-here approach, this poster for Sam Raimi's upcoming blockbuster is a ghastly mess. Where Disney and Andrew Stanton were blamed for not really explaining to audiences who "John Carter" is or where he goes and kind of just assuming that audiences will be curious, this takes the opposite tack. Flying monkeys, strange creatures, a hot air balloon and a dwarf are all thrown on here, with the hopes that by osmosis, ticket buyers will be interested. Hey guys, here's an idea: your movie stars James Franco, Rachel Weisz, Mila Kunis and Michelle Williams...maybe put on them prominently on the poster?

Are we looking at the next Disney flop? "Oz The Great And Powerful" opens on March 8th. [Yahoo]

Oz The Great And Powerful Poster