Place Beyond The Pines, Derek Cianfrance, Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper

"If you ride like lightning, you're gonna crash like thunder," Ben Mendelsohn warns Ryan Gosling in the trailers and spots for "The Place Beyond The Pines," and indeed, the twists and turn in Derek Cianfrance's upcoming film sometimes come and go like a storm in the night.

You know the basics already: the film follows a stunt rider and cop whose lives are forever linked by an incident that marks them through generations. And that's all you basically need to know, in a movie that pays off the less you know going in. But even if you do know some of the surprises in the story, it's still a compelling, rewarding piece of cinema (read our review here). And as the movie gears up to hit theaters, even more peeks behind-the-scenes have been revealed, along with a couple of fresh, non-spoilery snaps from the film as well.

"The Place Beyond The Pines" opens in New York and Los Angeles on March 29th, in select cities on April 5th and across the country on April 12th.

Place Beyond The Pines, Ryan Gosling
Place Beyond The Pines, Ben Mendelsohn
Place Beyond The Pines, Derek Cianfrance, Gosling
Place Beyond The Pines, Bradley Cooper
Place Beyond The Pines, Mahershala Ali
Place Beyond The Pines, Derek Cianfrance