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New Photos & International DVD Art For David Cronenberg’s ‘Map To The Stars’

by Edward Davis
July 3, 2014 1:35 PM
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Even though the Cannes Film Festival described David Cronenberg’s “Maps To The Stars” as a satire of Hollywood a la Robert Altman’s “The Player,” the filmmaker has a less ironic view of the material. “This is not a satire, I’m really just observing,” Cronenberg told Total Film recently. “I feel like a scientist or a researcher. That's the most honest, neutral way of looking at things. I'm not angry at Hollywood. I don't have a statement to make about Hollywood."

While there’s no official U.S. release date for the film yet (it’s a good bet that it’ll be at the Toronto International Film Festival and then get a North American debut after that), internationally things are a bit different. The film is already out in France, Italy, Switzerland and Germany, the Netherlands and more are getting the film in late September (it’s also a decent bet that eOne will release it here around the same time or early October). In fact, the film is even arriving in France on Blu-Ray and DVD in September too (if you had to see at as early as possible, you could pre-order it from Amazon France). Those DVD covers have been released as have a few new photos from the movie which you can see below.

The Total Film interview also notes that Cronenberg was asked to direct “Star Wars: Return of The Jedi” (which you’ve probably heard before), “Top Gun” and “Flash Dance” (can you imagine?) "I've had meetings with studio executives that you wouldn't believe If I told you," he said. "You'd think I was making it up. You would think it was an example of absurdist theater."

Also remember those reports of Viggo Mortensen being in the cast? They’re true. Cronenberg wanted him for the role of the massage therapist that eventually went to John Cusack (Total Film say he had to bow out because of scheduling conflicts). “Maps To The Stars” features Julianne Moore, Mia Wasikowska, John Cusack, Robert Pattinson, Olivia Williams, Sarah Gadon and Evan Bird. New photos and DVD covers below.

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  • janet interdonato | July 11, 2014 6:51 PMReply

    i cannot understand why a movie like map to the stars is already on Dvd. big stars in this film and it looks great. julianne moore won best actress at cannes. hope this movie has wide distribution- dont worry about robert pattinson- he will do just fine. mia wisakowski and robert pattinson hit it off on the set of map to the stars and i am sure the scenes they have together will be great. cannot wait to see this movie. i also love john cusak. he is an excellent actor- best of luck with this movie-hope it does big box office

  • confused | July 12, 2014 4:05 AM

    “I’m sure he’ll be fine” not sure why you put this? If your referring to his acting
    A lot of sites obsess over his looks and imply this is the only reason he has parts to discredit him, just because they write that it doesn’t make it true no one can accuse him of getting the Rover on his looks becaue hes not ment to look good, or for How To Be
    Twilight Edward needs to be good looking, Rob had 75,000 petition against him because they didn’t think he was pretty enough, he won most over by his performance, his characteration ,script wouldn’t allow him to do a lot with him, but he brought book Edward to the screens the way he is in the books, until the story got distorted into something else,but his character, emotion cane through which didn’t with some actors, emotion an actor/ person has makes them truly attractive, someone more technicaly good looking without a nice character becomes ugly quickly
    Rob is the reason twilight did so well, there was no chemistry between the two, Bella being lustful is not love, being in love which Kristen at the begining and after twilight has said she has never been in love and questioned what is inner beauty anyway? Said a lot about Rob, she was out of her depth with Twi,and brought the same performance to SWATH
    In RM critics said he showed he was agood actor, very impressed with him against Giamanti in cosmopolis
    In the Rover he plays a very complex character in a difficult film,some are just scared and need to do what they can to defend themselves, most are just self obsessed ,become phycotic,no law,morals, decency,little humanity left only from his character,what Rob brings empathy, emotion unfortunately Eric convinces him these are weak characteristics, and being aman means killing taking what you want, this doesn’t work out well, and has very good reviews for his acting even from critics who didn’t like the film, except for childish ones”still a pretty boy”
    He had good chemistry with Reese in WFE but for some reason a lot of stills we had been shown had been taken out of the film, same with RM

  • confused | July 7, 2014 2:10 PMReply

    wow, no nasty comments about Rob that's good,but there's no negative about MTTS, if Rob was a main character would you be talking positively about Torronto, and not being negative about the box office, this site brought attention to Rob" will he finally have an indie hit" even mentions Cosmopolis, but on a cronenberg article not bringing attention, asking if cronenburg will finally have a box office hit? if Rob were a main character would you be polite about it not having a US release yet? it would have been nice if you had mentioned Julianne Moore won best actress for MTTS at Cannes
    it will be really nice when all Rob's articles are sensible, polite ,professional, balanced, not obsessing over his looks, Twi or just to put a negative to what he's doing,
    I won't be supporting MTTS as I haven't forgiven Cronenburg for Cosmopolis yet,or the promotion, cronenburg just obsessed about sex, Twi fans, Little Ashes, and the prostate exam, Rob ignored cronenburgs instruction went with his instincts and nailed the last scene with Giamanti,(he took out the line"I wont need to kill you if you have a cigarrett, odd as he didn't change any of the rest of the script from the book, scenes he used,) unfortunately Cronenburg deceided to take everything interesting out of the film, I struggled with a difficult book, at least expecting an interesting and edgy film, but didn't get one, in the book Eric (Rob) sees images of himself before they happen even himself at the morgue , you don't know if it's his subconscious warning him to change or he's somehow reliving his day with the hope of redemption, this is notwhat we got, we got a very long drawn out film, concentrating on sex ,but not the scene near the end of the film where he has lost everything and makes love to his wife ?(Rob " you allways worry when a director adds /concentrates on sex, you wonder why theyre doing the film if thy don't have confidence in the story,) he had already said he would do another film with him, it's a shame Rob doesn't have more confidence, he did with at least the last scene andhad very good reviews,(I do think his acting was fine in the rest of the film but I was struggling with the style, and disappointed , and annoyed I wasn't watching the film I was expecting)
    (p.s I'm sure it would have had a US release had Rob been a main character)

  • JP | July 3, 2014 5:14 PMReply

    Five of the six pics here have Mia in them. You've made my day, Indiewire.

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