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New Photos: Joel Edgerton In 'Wish You Were Here,' Viggo Mortensen In 'Everybody Has A Plan,' 'The Sapphires' & More

The Playlist By Edward Davis | The Playlist September 25, 2012 at 3:53PM

The 56th BFI London Film Festival kicks off October 10th and runs through October 21st. Like any good festival, this means a panoply of new marketing materials, in this case in the form of pictures. First up is a new pic from "Wish You Were Here" featuring Aussie stars Joel Edgerton and Teresa Palmer. Directed by Edgerton's fellow Blue Tongue Films cohort Kieran Darcy-Smith, the film, which debuted at Sundance earlier this year, also co-stars Felicity Price and Antony Starr.
Everybody Has a Plan

"Everybody Has a Plan" tells the story of Agustín (Viggo Mortensen), a man desperate to abandon what he has gradually come to feel is an unfulfilling existence, after years of living in Buenos Aires. Following the death of his identical twin brother Pedro, Agustín sets out to begin his life anew by assuming Pedro’s identity and returning to the mysterious Tigre Delta region, where the brothers spent their childhood. Soon after his homecoming, however, Agustín finds himself unwittingly embroiled in the deadly criminal underworld that his brother had been part of.

Somehow we missed ths one at the Toronto International Film Festival, and considering we didn't hear a lot review-wise, that's potentially not a great sign, but Mortensen is always an interesting actor willing to take on artistic work, ostensibly like this, instead of acting in some of the bigger Hollywood flicks he is offered but (generally) turns down (see "Man of Steel," "Snow White and the Huntsman"). Here's a couple new photos of Viggo from the film.

Everybody Has a Plan

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