Amazing Spider-Man Lizard skip crop

Update: EW has dropped a few more pics. Check 'em below.

Superhero movies have been split down a pretty clear line when it comes to villains. There are the reality based baddies like we've seen in Christopher Nolan's Batman movies (Bane, The Joker), the more fantastical sort of antagonists like Loki or Red Skull in the Marvel movies, or just plain bizarre like that bad times vibe cloud in "Green Lantern." Marc Webb seems to be straddling the real and fantastical with "The Amazing Spider-Man," the franchise reboot that will see Rhys Ifans move from wife-stealing professor in "The Five-Year Engagement" to scientist-turned-CGI thingy villain.

EW has dropped a few new images from the movie including a new peek at The Lizard, and's ok. The nice thing about reality based villains is that they carry a palpable threat that CGI creations don't always have. Here, The Lizard just kinda looks like The Hulk's first cousin removed that nobody talks about. Anyway, there are a couple more snaps too of a giant hole in a wall, presumbly caused by The Lizard and Dr. Curt Connors' pre-transformation. He should probably call Bruce Banner to learn how to control it.

"The Amazing Spider-Man" hits on July 3rd, but if you can't wait, IMAX screenings of "Men In Black III" will feature a six-minute preview. [ComingSoon]

Amazing Spider-Man skip crop
Amazing Spider-Man wall skip crop
Amazing Spider-Man Curt Connors
Amazing Spider-Man Rhys Ifans skip crop
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