New Pics From The Fall Film Season: 'Labor Day,' 'Out Of The Furnace,'

Fall movie season is upon us, which means that things are getting serious. The character pieces and adult dramas are finally coming out of the art houses and will soon be flooding the multiplexes as well, as various prestige pictures jockey for end-of-the-year critics lists and awards consideration. With that in mind, a whole slew of new photos have been unleashed for some of these prestige pics (many of them made our fall preview, and our Toronto International Film Festival preview too)—and guess what? We've got them for your scrolling pleasure.

The first photo is from Scott Cooper's follow-up to "Crazy Heart," the crime drama "Out of the Furnace" (out on November 27th in limited release and December 6th everywhere else), starring Christian Bale, Casey Affleck, Woody Harrelson, Zoe Saldana and Willem Dafoe. Both visually and thematically it looks like a much larger, more complicated affair, and we're optimistic that Cooper can pull it off.

Out Of The Furnace, Affleck, Bale

The next photo is from Bill Condon's WikiLeaks movie "The Fifth Estate." We've seen the movie but aren't allowed to talk about it yet (look for our Toronto review soon). In the film (and photo), Benedict Cumberbatch plays WikiLeaks mastermind Julian Assange, while Daniel Bruhl portrays Daniel Domscheit-Berg, one of Assange's most trusted confederates. It opens on October 18th.

Fifth Estate

Next up are two photos from J.C. Chandor's man-versus-nature thriller "All Is Lost" starring Robert Redford and a whole bunch of water (check out our review from Cannes here), and Jason Reitman's domestic crime drama "Labor Day" (check out our review from Telluride here) starring Kate Winslet and an even-scummier-than-normal Josh Brolin. "All Is Lost" is out on October 25th, while "Labor Day" debuts in limited release on Christmas Day.

All Is Lost
"All Is Lost"
All Is Lost, Robert Redford

Three new photos make their debut from "Dallas Buyers Club," the upcoming drama starring Matthew McConaughey (continuing on his streak of honky tonk excellence) as a man given 30 days to live who refuses to go down without a fight. The three photos could have been ripped from any section of the film's evocative trailer, which is okay by us. The movie (co-starring Jared Leto, Jennifer Garner, Steve Zahn, Denis O'Hare and Griffin Dunne) opens on November 1st.

Dallas Buyers Club
"Dallas Buyers Club"
Dallas Buyers Club
"Dallas Buyers Club."
Dallas Buyers Club

Photos from David O. Russell's "American Hustle," Jason Reitman's "Labor Day" and more on Page 2.