The Dark Knight Rises Bane Poster

We got new posters from the grand finale of what’s been called the greatest trilogy of superhero films, the reboot of a spy franchise, and a Sundance dramedy.

Yeah, yeah, we know. You’re sick about reading about ”The Dark Knight Rises.” Just bear with us. There’s a brand-new IMAX exclusive poster for Christopher Nolan’s final Batman film and it’s kind of majestic with the skies parting in the shape of a bat for the Bat himself. There’s also another Bane poster courtesy of the viral site,, to follow the other one we gave you yesterday. With July 20th inching ever closer, the media onslaught surrounding the film is almost over and you’ll only have to keep hearing about it until Oscar time comes around. After that, it’s just news about the reboot that focuses on Bruce Wayne’s teenage years. [Coming Soon/IGN]

The Dark Knight Rises IMAX Poster