Django Unchained Something In The Air posters

In today’s one-sheet round-up we have a teaser poster for a multi-lingual coming-of-age drama, a slavery/vengeance flick, and a testosterone-filled action movie that is inspired by one of the most famous paintings in the world.

First up is the teaser poster for “Carlos” and “Summer Hours” director Oliver Assayas’ next directorial effort, “Something In The Air.” The striking imagery is certainly in keeping with what little we know of the film, which is set in early 1970s Europe where “Gilles is a high school student in Paris, swept up in the political fever of the time. Yet his real dream is to paint and make films, something that his friends and even his girlfriend cannot understand. For them, politics is everything: the social struggle all-consuming. But Gilles gradually becomes more comfortable with his life choices and learns to feel at ease in this new society.” The film will have its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival, with a North American debut presumably later in the year courtesy of its distribution deal with IFC Films. [Recent Movie Posters]

Something In The Air Poster