Dead Man's Burden, Clare Bowen
Philip De Jong

The marketing campaign for the independent Western "Dead Man's Burden" has so far showcased some of the best aspects of the film, with a trailer showing off the gorgeous 35mm cinematography and darkly violent nature of the film's story. And today we have an exclusive set of alternative posters for the movie. "Dead Man's Burden" is a neo-classical Western that adheres closely to the look and style of traditional films in the genre, while bringing a dark and distinctly modern slant to the story of a family torn apart by the Civil War and caught in the crosshairs of a modernizing West. 

The first poster on display is a stylized illustration giving an evocative hint at the tenor of the piece, while the other is a daguerrotype-style profile portrait of Barlow Jacobs, who plays the estranged, Civil War vet brother of Martha (Clare Bowen of "Nashville" fame), who is looking to sell the farm and head to San Francisco. Overall, the posters reflect the vintage yet modern approach the film takes to the material. 

Our review of the movie described it as "a meditation on morality, survival and the sometimes tenuous ties that bind families together," and "a moody, violent, classic, yet modern Western." The directorial debut of Jared Moshé is now playing in limited release. Be sure to track it down.  

Dead Man's Burden Poster
Dead Man's Burden Poster