So, has Paul Thomas Anderson's "There Will Be Blood" found a double bill partner in Jean-Jacques Annaud’s forthcoming "Black Gold"? We'll know soon enough if the film will deliver the goods, but with a solid cast in front of the camera and a pretty interesting premise, the ingredients are there for something truly epic.

The film will follow the ‘30s-set rivalry between two Emirs in Arabia just as oil is being discovered, while a young dynamic leader begins to attempt uniting the various tribes of the desert kingdoms. The film sees Antonio Banderas playing Nessib, one of the two rival Emirs, Mark Strong as his counterpart Amar, "A Prophet" star Tahar Rahim as Strong’s son Prince Auda, Freida Pinto as Banderas’ daughter Princess Lallah, her "Trishna" co-star Riz Ahmed as Auda’s half brother Dr. Ali, and Liya Kebeda as a slave girl. No stranger to films of grand scope and scale, Menno Meyjes (”Empire Of The Sun,” “Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade”) scripted the film which is based off Hans Reusch’s book “The Great Thirst.”

The pics certainly reveal an expensive production which is said to be one of the biggest Arab-financed movies of all time. James Horner will give things a classy sheen with a score for the picture and "Black Gold" will premiere at the upcoming Doha Tribeca Film Festival which kicks off on October 25th. [via ONTD]