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Nicole Kidman's 'Grace Of Monaco' Pulled From Release Calendar, Film Hasn't Been Delivered To The Weinsteins

by Kevin Jagernauth
January 23, 2014 6:19 PM
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While Harvey Weinstein's battle with "Snowpiercer" director Bong Joon-Ho has nabbed the headlines, you may forgotten about another fight he's been having, with another foreign director: Olivier Dahan. Viewed early as a potential Oscar hopeful, "Grace Of Monaco" was pushed from a fall date to this spring, and not long after, word emerged that the director and Weinstein were butting heads over the cut of the movie. And it seems they haven't found a solution.

THR reports that "Grace Of Monaco" starring Nicole Kidman has been yanked from its March 14th date, with no new schedule for the movie given. And it gets worse. Apparently, Dahan has yet to deliver the movie to the studio. Back in October, the director called the Harv's desired changes to his movie "catastrophic," complaining that the producer/honcho wants a "sanitized" and "Hollywood" friendly version of his film. However, "insiders" claim Weinstein only gave notes and has no creative control on the movie. But of course, that hasn't stopped the Harv before. (And it should be noted that Dahan has also said the first teaser for the movie was cut without his input).

So, we'll see who prevails in the latest arm wrestling match between Harv and a director, but the drama here is proving to be arguably more compelling than that of the actual film.

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  • carrierlawson | January 24, 2014 5:10 AMReply

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  • Guest | January 24, 2014 4:14 AMReply

    AFAIK, french distributor Gaumont has seen Dahan's cut in december. Francois Clerc then twitted they were satisfied and that they were planning to release that cut and no one else's.

  • Ian | January 23, 2014 7:33 PMReply

    Weinstein is the biggest scumbag in the industry. His alleged bribes, scissor hands and marketing tactics are shocking.

  • Just Bob | January 23, 2014 6:56 PMReply

    If you haven't seen the film - and I know you haven't - how can you say the off-screen drama is more compelling than the film itself?

  • jimmiescoffee | January 23, 2014 6:54 PMReply

    i love how harvey goes on howard stern and tries to come off as some kind of artist and takes credit for all movies he had success with. direct your movie (finally) you're yapping about and we'll see how it turns out. he says he just lets tarantino just do whatever he wants and then goes and screws everyone else. no thanks on august osage county harvey scissorhands. that shitt is stale.

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