"The Turin Horse," the final film from Hungarian arthouse master Béla Tarr, isn't likely to rock the boat too much for fans of the director's work as this first teaser for the film bears out, and those hoping for more enigmatic long takes will be pleased.

A lantern trembles as wind blows and some faint creepy organ music plays in the back in the spot for the film, and well, that's about it. "The Turin Horse" will tell the story of a rural farmer and his daughter who find their jobs and livelihood compromised when their work horse becomes ill. The two-and-a-half-hour film was lensed by Fred Keleman (”The Man From London”), scored by Mihály Víg and co-written by longtime Tarr collaborator László Krasznahorkai.

"The Turin Horse" premieres at the Berlin Film Festival tomorrow. Check out the trailer below: