Taken 2

You would think that after having problems with Albanian mafia in "Taken," Bryan Mills might decide to kick back and relax in America...how about Hawaii? Not so. Instead he takes his wife to Istanbul, and Kim (Maggie Grace) pops her head in as a suprise and before you know it, half the script for "Taken 2" is written.

The international trailer for the film has now dropped, setting up the story that will follow Mills as he has to rescue his wife who falls into the clutches of the vengeful father (Rade Serbedzija) of one of the human traffickers he killed off in the last movie. Then a chain reaction of car chases, parkour, Neeson growling, cell phone calls and pretty much a rehash of the first movie ensues, though it seems they spent a few more dollars and hired a better action choreographer.

Either way, this will probably be another faceless, brainless action movie with Neeson mowing down another wave of anonymous, olive-skinned people all in the name justice or revenge or whatever. Maybe he should've hired a better travel agent? Watch below. [The Film Stage]