David Lynch

If there was any justice in this world, some generous benefactor would drop some cash to air David Lynch's ad during the Super Bowl if only to freak America out. If anything it will certainly be more memorable than the halftime show. But alas, that won't happen, so you'll just have to enjoy it as is.

While we (im)patiently wait for Lynch to get moving on a feature film -- something he has been busily not doing while directing various short movies and releasing an album --  he did carve out some time to make an ad for his own David Lynch Signature Cup Organic Coffee. And this ain't your Grandaddy's Folgers. Bursting the typical bonkers sound design and shadowy filmmaking style, this is certainly the strangest coffee you might ever drink. But it also might be the most orgasmic ("oh yeah").

Anyway, you can buy David Lynch's coffee right here. Watch below. [THR]