Life Of Pi
Best Original Score

1. "Life of Pi" - Mychael Danna
2. "Skyfall" - Thomas Newman
3. "Argo"  - Alexandre Desplat
4. "Lincoln" - John Williams
5. "Anna Karenina" - Dario Marianelli

Should Win: "Anna Karenina" -- there's no score on this list that's more inventive or listenable. "Life Of Pi" is damn close, though.
Will Win: One of the toughest categories to call -- you could make an argument for almost anything. 'Pi' seems to be the one to win after the precursors, but don't count out BAFTA-winner Thomas Newman (who's never won before) or the "Argo" juggernaut.

Anna Karenina
Best Production Design

1. "Anna Karenina" - Sarah Greenwood and Katie Spencer
2. "LIfe Of Pi" - David Gropman and Anna Pinnock
3. "The Hobbit; An Unexpected Journey" - Dan Hennah, Ra Vincent, Simon Bright
4. "Les Miserables" - Eve Stewart and Anna Lynch-Robinson
5. "Lincoln" - Rick Carter, Jim Erickson

Should Win: "Anna Karenina," which is the most obviously (and deliberately) stage-bound, and gorgeous with it.
Will WIn: Almost certainly "Anna Karenina," if only because I can't imagine a scenario where anything else takes it. The only slight possibillity is if "Life Of Pi" manages a "Hugo"-style technical sweep, but this category will probably prove resistant.

Anna Karenina Dance
Best Costume Design

1. "Anna Karenina" - Jacqueline Durran
2. "Mirror Mirror" - Eiko Ishioka
3. "Snow White and the Huntsman" - Colleen Atwood
4. "Lincoln" - Joanna Johnston
5. "Les Miserables" - Paco Delgado

Should Win: Despite my all-consuming love for "Anna Karenina," I'd almost argue that "Mirror Mirror" deserves it more -- Tarsem's films are essentially just a showcase for costume design anyway.
Will Win: "Anna Karenina," almost certainly, unless the Academy want to honor Ishioka's passing with a posthumous award. But the chances are relatively slim.

Warner Bros. "Argo"
Best Film Editing

1. "Argo" - William Goldenberg
2. "Zero Dark Thirty" - Dylan Tichenor and William Goldenberg
3. "Life Of Pi" - Tim Squyres
4. "Lincoln" - Michael Kahn
5. "Silver Linings Playbook" - Jay Cassidy and Crispin Struthers

Should Win: Either of the William Goldenberg films would be acceptable, but I'd probably pick "Zero Dark Thirty," which makes a 160 minute film feel closer to 120.
Will Win: "Argo" is the overwhelming favorite here. If anything else wins, it's an indication that there's been another Affleck backlash, and Best Picture is going to something else.

Life Of Pi
Best Cinematography

1. "Life Of Pi" - Claudio Miranda
2. "Skyfall" - Roger Deakins
3. "Anna Karenina" - Seamus McGarvey
4. "Lincoln" - Janusz Kaminski
5. "Django Unchained" - Robert Richardson

Should Win: Roger Deakins, for certain. He's been at bat ten times without winning, and the Bond movie sees him pull off some of his most stunning work to date.
Will Win: Many believe that the overdue factor will see Deakins finally get the prize this year, but I'm not so sure. Few Academy members would be able to pick the DoP out of a line up, and even then, his name isn't listed on the ballot. As such, given the success of "Hugo," "Inception" and "Avatar" in recent years, I reckon the visual splendors of "Life of Pi" will win out here.

Best Animated Feature

1. "Brave"
2. "Frankenweenie"
3. "Wreck-It Ralph"
4. "ParaNorman"
5. "The Pirates! Band Of Misfits"

Should Win: I'd go with "Brave." It's not quite grade-A Pixar, but in a line-up of solid-but-unexceptional films, was a deceptively intimate and beautiful film, and the most distinctive of the five.
Will Win: Probably going against the grain here, but after success with BAFTA and others, I think we could see Pixar returning to the stage after missing out in 2011. "Frankenweenie' and "ParaNorman" sort of cancel each other out, and "Wreck-It Ralph" feels too corporate.

Searching For Sugar Man
Best Documentary - Feature

1. "Searching For Sugar Man"
2. "The Gatekeepers"
3. "How To Survive A Plague"
4. "5 Broken Cameras"
5. "The Invisible War"

Should Win: With the caveat that I haven't seen "The Gatekeepers" yet, I'd go with "The Invisible War" here, which I found immensely powerful, compassionate, and has brought about real, bona-fide change.
Will Win: "Searching For Sugar Man" has cut a swathe through the precursor awards, and while it's not as "important" as the other nominees, its the most feel-good.

Kon Tiki Thor & Liv
Best Foreign Language Film

1. "Kon-Tiki"
2. "Amour"
3. "A Royal Affair"
4. "No"
5. "War Witch"

Should Win: "No" -- one of the best films of 2013, a funny, vibrant, formally experimental and incredibly smart film.
Will Win: It won't be "No," that's for certain. "Amour" would seem to be the frontrunner, but voters have sometimes shied away from films awarded elsewhere (see "Pan's Labyrinth" in 2007). I may come to regret this one, but I have a hunch that Weinstein power could see "Kon-Tiki" prove a surprise here.