The Other Guys

Last year, you might remember that Will Ferrell and Vince Vaughn were kicking around "Daddy's Home" as a potential reunion vehicle, and while seeing them again together on the big screen in leading roles would've been nice. But this new plan is one we can roll with.

Paramount wants to get moving on the project but swap in Mark Wahlberg for Vaughn. Uh, yes please. The Ferrell/Wahlberg combo slayed in "The Other Guys," and this vehicle seems perfect for more hilarious friction. Sean Anders and John Morris ("Sex Drive," "That's My Boy") would direct this one about a mild-mannered stepdad (Ferrell) who has to confront his children's real father (Wahlberg) and fight for the love of the kids. So yeah, basically an excuse for Ferrell and Wahlberg to bicker and battle and that's fine.

If this works out, filming will begin this fall, so fingers crossed. Until then, here are the bloopers from "The Other Guys" because they are awesome. [Deadline]