Let the guessing game begin.

Pixar has gone ahead and planted a flag on November 27, 2013, the Wednesday before the long Thanksgiving weekend for their next film. What is it? Well, they aren't saying just yet. All that we do know is that it will be an original project and not a sequel. "Newt" was killed by the studio last year and there hasn't been much word on other projects from the Pixar fold of late except stuff we already know about like "Brave" and "Monsters University." If took a random stab in the dark, we assume it's the next film by "Up" director Pete Docter revealed earlier this year. Writer Michael Arndt also said he was working on something over at Pixar -- perhaps those two are connected? But of course, that's just a guess for now.

But you wan't have to wait long for next Pixar fix -- "Cars 2" drives into theaters this weekend. [BoxOfficeMojo]