Pacific Rim

...and the podcast is back. On this latest episode, host (yours truly) and contributor Erik McClanahan is joined by Editor-In-Chief Rodrigo Perez and Managing Editor Kevin Jagernauth for an in depth assessment of the summer movie season so far this year. After you give it a listen, don't forget to chime in with your thoughts in the comments section, we'd love to know what's worked and what hasn't for you this year, trends you're noticing, etc. How has your summer been at the movies?

Lastly, a little house cleaning: of course you can stream the podcast below, but you can also download as well via SoundCloud for use on mobile devices and work has begun to get these podcasts on iTunes and Stitcher. We'll let you know when those options are available. If you enjoy these shows we do occasionally on The Playlist, perhaps you'll also enjoy Erik's weekly podcast, Adjust Your Tracking. Please email if you'd like to connect. Thanks for listening!