The Dark Knight Rises Tom Hardy Harvey Dent Photo Tumbler

The podcast returns this week with our third episode on Christpher Nolan's third and final Batman film, "The Dark Knight Rises." The discussion around the Playlist water cooler has been dominated by the film, with most of the staff, like our critic's review, pretty much loving it. Host Erik McClanahan brings on Managing Editor Kevin Jagernauth and Comptroller Rodrigo Perez to give their thoughts on the film. We also discuss where the franchise could potentially go from here (good luck to whomever follows Nolan with their take on the caped crusader) and look at what's next for Nolan. 

**SPOILERS** abound in this episode, so we recommend listening after you've seen the film. And if you just can't get enough Batman this week, make sure to check out our feature on what worked and what didn't in the film. As always, we appreciate any feedback in the comments. Were you satisfied with "The Dark Knight Rises"? Are you glad to see Nolan is moving on? What do you think he'll make next?