Eddie Redmayne Hick

While reviews out of TIFF weren't great -- we called it "a black blot of shame for everyone who had a part in its making" -- "Hick" still remains a curiosity because it offers up a grittier side we've rarely seen from the cast led by Blake Lively, Chloe Moretz and Eddie Redmayne.

Directed by Derick Martini (”Lymelife”), the film is an adaptation of Andrea Portes’ coming-of-age novel of the same name (she penned the script as well). The story revolves around Luli (Moretz), a 13-year-old Nebraskan girl, and her hard-going life on the road after she runs away from her neglectful parents and home. She’s taken in by Glenda (Lively), a hard-living grifter who takes Luli under her wing. With the movie's release on the horizon, a new poster and a few new images have arrived, serving up another look at the film that seems both glamorous and trashy.

"Hick" will go UltraVOD on May 8th before rolling into theaters on May 11th. Check out the pics and poster below. [Facebook]

Hick Blake Lively Chloe Moretz skip crop
Hick Chloe Moretz Blake Lively skip crop
Hick Poster