Emmy Nominations 2012

Awards season is just getting ready to gear up in the movie world, but awards show fanatics (if there are such creatures) don't have to wait for the new year to sit through a three hour-plus session of people winning things, because this Sunday brings the Emmy Awards, the annual celebration of the best/most popular/however you want to define it in television.

The Creative Arts Emmys (for technical categories, for the most part) were held this past weekend, with "Game of Thrones" winning a brace of prizes, but this Sunday brings the main event. And to get you ready, we've made our predictions for the winners below (at least in the categories we care about -- not so much reality shows and co.), as well as picking out those who we think should take the prizes of the nominees. Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments section.  

Sherlock Benedict Cumberbatch
Writing - Miniseries, Movie Or Dramatic Special
Danny Strong - "Game Change"
Bill Kerby, Ted Mann & Ronald Parker - "Hatfields & McCoys"
Abi Morgan - "The Hour"
Neil Cross - "Luther"
Steven Moffat - "Sherlock: A Scandal In Belgravia"
Should Win: A decent line-up here, but we'd lean towards Steven Moffat's work on "Sherlock," which was the strongest episode of the three by quite some distance this year.
Will Win: Moffat has a chance, but we suspect that it's going to be Danny Strong here for "Game Change."

Writing - Comedy
Chris McKenna - "Community" ("Remedial Chaos Theory")
Lena Dunham - "Girls" ("Pilot")
Louis C.K. - "Louie" ("Pregnant")
Amy Poehler - "Parks and Recreation" ("The Debate")
Michael Schur - "Parks and Recreation" (Win, Lose Or Draw")
Should Win: Our absolute favorite category of the year -- we'd be happy with any of these shows winning out. If we had to pick one, we'd go for Chris McKenna and "Community" -- the episode in question (the alternate timelines one) is one of the best bits of sitcom TV we've ever seen.
Will Win: Tough to call, but we reckon Lena Dunham has the best chance here.

Downton Abbey Season 3
Writing - Drama
Julian Fellowes - "Downton Abbey" ("Episode 7")
Alex Gansa, Howard Gordon, Gideon Raff - "Homeland" ("Pilot")
Semi Chellas, Matthew Weiner - "Mad Men" ("The Other Woman")
Andre & Maria Jacquemetton - "Mad Men" ("Commissions & Fees")
Semi Chellas, Matthew Weiner - "Mad Men" ("Far Away Places")
Should Win: The vote split on "Mad Men' is likely to mean that it's out of contention, but we'd give it the edge over the others here. Again, we'd be happy to see any of the nominated episodes win, but we'd probably lean towards Chellas and Weiner for "Far Away Places," the stunning episode featuring Roger Sterling's LSD trip.
Will Win: Julian Fellowes

Directing - TV Movie/Miniseries

Jay Roach - "Game Change"

Kevin Reynolds - "Hatfields & McCoys"

Philip Kaufman - "Hemingway & Gellhorn"

Sam Miller - "Luther"

Paul McGuigan - "Sherlock: A Scandal In Belgravia"
Should Win: Hmm. In a much lower profile group than usual (Todd Haynes, Olivier Assayas, Curtis Hanson and Berman and Pulcini were all nominated last year), there's no immediate stand out for us -- Paul McGuigan would have been better rewarded with a win for the first series of "Sherlock," but we'd take a win here. We wouldn't be too upset with an Emmy for Philip Kaufman either.
Will Win: Probably Jay Roach, maybe Reynolds or Kaufman.  

Lena Dunham, Girls, EP 3
Directing - Comedy
Robert B. Weide - "Curb Your Enthusiasm" ("Palestinian Chicken")

Lena Dunham - "Girls" ("She Did")

Louis C.K. - "Louie" ("Duckling")

Jason Winer - "Modern Family" ("Virgin Territory")

Steven Levitan - "Modern Family" ("Baby On Board")

Jake Kasdan - "New Girl" ("Pilot")
Should Win: We'd be happy with Dunham taking this too (her direction came on leaps and bounds since "Tiny Furniture,") but our heart belongs to Louis C.K. -- "Duckling" still stands as the high watermark of the show so far.
Will Win: Never underestimate the "Modern Family" juggernaut, but Dunham could also end up winning here, and Robert Weide could sneak in too.

Directing - Drama
Tim Van Patten - "Boardwalk Empire" ("To The Lost")
Vince Gilligan - "Breaking Bad" ("Face Off")
Brian Percival - "Downton Abbey" ("Episode 7")
Michael Cuesta - "Homeland" ("Pilot")
Phil Abraham - "Mad Men" ("The Other Woman")
Should Win: Another tough one, but if we had to pick, we'd go with Michael Cuesta and "Homeland" -- he established the show's tone and look in a taut, gripping 60-odd minutes, as well delivering some terrific performances from the cast.
Will Win: Voters could end up going for Cuesta as well, but Brian Percival won the Miniseries prize last year, and we think he's likely to repeat, albeit in a different category here.