Hemingway And Gellhorn Clive Owen Nicole Kidman

"American Horror Story"

"Game Change"

"Hatfields & McCoys"

"Hemingway & Gellhorn"


"Sherlock: A Scandal In Belgravia"
Should Win: Well, we actually weren't wild about "Game Change," so we'd probably lean towards "Luther" or "Sherlock" or "Hemingway & Gellhorn" here.
Will Win: "Game Change" is the front-runner, but "American Horror Story" or "Hatfields & McCoys" are both firmly in contention too.

Best Comedy

"The Big Bang Theory"

"Curb Your Enthusiasm"


"Modern Family"

"30 Rock"

Should Win: Given that this list misses out most of our favorite comedies, we're going to go with the only one in the list that we truly adore these days -- "Girls." But we wouldn't be particularly upset with wins for 'Curb,' "30 Rock" or "Veep."
Will Win: Not much can stop the "Modern Family" train, though we suppose "Girls" could upset, and "The Big Bang Theory" might get an upswing.

Game Of Thrones Finale 1
Drama Series

"Boardwalk Empire"

"Breaking Bad"

"Downton Abbey"

"Game of Thrones"


"Mad Men"
Should Win: A brutally tough category, we'd just go for "Mad Men," which had its finest season, over "Game of Thrones" and "Breaking Bad." We wouldn't be disappointed with either, though.
Will Win: Honestly, we're not sure. "Mad Men" took it last year, but "Homeland" and "Downton Abbey" are both high-profile new arrivals, "Breaking Bad" is fiercer than ever, and "Game of Thrones" keeps getting better. Hell, even "Boardwalk Empire" stepped up its game in a big way in season two. If we had to pick one, we'd say 'Downton,' but nothing would surprise us here.