Best Screenplay
Chris Terrio - "Argo"

Quentin Tarantino - "Django Unchained"

Tony Kushner - "Lincoln"

David O. Russell - "Silver Linings Playbook"

Mark Boal - "Zero Dark Thirty"
Should Win: An embarrassment of riches really, in this category (when will the HFPA split the category?), but Chris Terrio would be my pick here.
Will Win: Honestly anyone could win here, but our gut's saying Quentin Tarantino, for some reason.

John Williams
Best Original Score

Alexandre Desplat - "Argo"

Dario Marianelli - "Anna Karenina"

Tom Tykwer, Johnny Klimek, Reinhold Heil - "Cloud Atlas"

Mychael Danna - "Life Of Pi"

John Williams - "Lincoln"
Should Win: I'd be happy with either Dario Marianelli's outstanding work on "Anna Karenina," or Mychael Danna's equally terrific "Life Of Pi" score.
Will Win: Feels like John Williams to me, though Mychael Danna's a possibility as well. 

Adele Skyfall Single Artwork Header
Best Original Song

Keith Urban - "For You" ("Act Of Valor")

Taylor Swift - "Safe & Sound" ("The Hunger Games")

Hugh Jackman - "Suddenly" ("Les Miserables")

Adele - "Skyfall" ("Skyfall")

Jon Bon Jovi - "Not Running Anymore" - ("Stand Up Guys")
Should Win: Ugh, this category. "Skyfall" is the best pick here by about a million miles. To convince you, here's Paul F. Tompkins singing the song.
Will Win: Either Adele or the "Les Miserables" track, probably the latter. 

Best Animated Feature Film



"Hotel Transylvania"

"Rise Of The Guardians"

"Wreck-It Ralph"
Should Win: I admittedly haven't seen "Wreck-It Ralph" yet, but of the other four, I'd go with "Brave," Pixar's most undervalued film.
Will Win: "Frankenweenie" has done well in a lot of the precursors, but 'Ralph' could spoil its thunder. 

Best Foreign Film


"The Intouchables"


"A Royal Affair"

"Rust & Bone"
Should Win: "Amour" is the best film of a rather middling line-up, though "Rust & Bone" wouldn't be a terrible choice either.
Will Win: "The Intouchables" is the most traditionally Golden Globes-y choice here,but maybe they'll lean towards "Amour"?

Steven Spielberg
Best Director

Ben Affleck - "Argo"

Quentin Tarantino - "Django Unchained"

Ang Lee - "Life Of Pi"

Steven Spielberg - "Lincoln"

Kathryn Bigelow - "Zero Dark Thirty"
Should Win: In a category with three helmers snubbed by the Academy, any one of them would be satisfying, but as we reckon Ben Affleck has a good chance with the DGA now, Kathryn Bigelow might be the one we'd really like here, if only because the film is so un-Golden Globes-y.
Will Win: That said, the Oscar announcements came too close to really affect things here, but that doesn't mean that the starry-eyed HFPA will be able to resist giving the prize, as the Critics Choice awards did last night, to Affleck. But Steven Spielberg's also an option. 

Zero Dark Thirty, Jessica Chastain
Best Actress - Drama

Rachel Weisz - "The Deep Blue Sea"

Helen Mirren - "Hitchcock"

Naomi Watts - "The Impossible"

Marion Cotillard - "Rust & Bone"

Jessica Chastain - "Zero Dark Thirty"
Should Win: Rachel Weisz, if only to encourage more people to watch the film.
Will Win: Jessica Chastain's the only really viable contender, though there's a slim possibility that Naomi Watts could upset. 

Daniel Day Lewis, Lincoln
Best Actor - Drama

Richard Gere - "Arbitrage"

Denzel Washington - "Flight"

Daniel Day-Lewis - "Lincoln"

Joaquin Phoenix - "The Master"

John Hawkes - "The Sessions"
Should Win: John Hawkes, if only to make up for missing out with the Academy.
Will Win: Daniel Day-Lewis, almost certainly. Denzel Washington's a possible spoiler, but it's very unlikely.

Jennifer Lawrence Silver Linings Playbook
Best Actress - Comedy/Musical

Judi Dench - "Best Exotic Marigold Hotel"

Meryl Streep - "Hope Springs"

Maggie Smith - "Quartet"

Emily Blunt - "Salmon Fishing In The Yemen"

Jennifer Lawrence - "Silver Linings Playbook"

Should Win: Jennifer Lawrence. We wouldn't be against recognizing Emily Blunt for her another performance this year, but the "Salmon Fishing In the Yemen" one isn't all that worthy, though she's fine in the film.
Will Win: Jennifer Lawrence, 100%.

Les Miserables, Jackman
Best Actor - Comedy/Musical

Jack Black - "Bernie"

Bill Murray - "Hyde Park On Hudson"

Hugh Jackman - "Les Miserables"

Ewan McGregor - Salmon Fishing In The Yemen"

Bradley Cooper - "Silver Linings Playbook"
Should Win: Jack Black, who gives a career-best turn in "Bernie." Sadly, he'll have to be happy with the nomination.
Will Win: A very tight race between Bradley Cooper and Hugh Jackman, but our money's on Jackman taking this one. 

Anne Hathaway, Les Miserables
Best Supporting Actress

Anne Hathaway - "Les Miserables"

Sally Field - "Lincoln"

Amy Adams - "The Master"

Nicole Kidman - "The Paperboy"

Helen Hunt - "The Sessions"
Should Win: Amy Adams. She's a three-time Oscar bridesmaid in the category, and a Golden Globe win might help to temp voters away from the inevitability of the Hathaway option.
Will Win: The Anne Hathaway option. Though Sally Field could surprise.

Tommy Lee Jones in "Lincoln"
Tommy Lee Jones in "Lincoln"
Best Supporting Actor

Alan Arkin - "Argo"

Christoph Waltz - "Django Unchained"

Leonardo DiCaprio - "Django Unchained"

Tommy Lee Jones - "Lincoln"

Philip Seymour Hoffman - "The Master"
Should Win: Philip Seymour Hoffman. For all the adoration that Joaquin Phoenix received, Hoffman has the trickier and subtler role, and he's transcendentally good in it.
Will Win: Probably Tommy Lee Jones, but it could be one or the other of the 'Django' boys, if they don't cancel each other out.

Silver Linings Playbook, Robert De Niro
Best Picture - Comedy/Musical

"Best Exotic Marigold Hotel"

"Les Miserables"

"Moonrise Kingdom"

"Salmon Fishing In The Yemen"

"Silver Linings Playbook"
Should Win: "Moonrise Kingdom" is the pick of the bunch here, but doesn't stand a chance, really.
Will Win: We suspect it's going to be "Silver Linings Playbook" over "Les Miserables," but the reverse could also be true. 


Best Picture - Drama


"Django Unchained"

"Life Of Pi"


"Zero Dark Thirty"

Should Win: We wouldn't be upset any way 'round here, but 'Life Of Pi" gets our vote.
Will Win: Feels like "Lincoln" to us, with "Argo" as a possible spoiler.