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'Prisoners' Director Denis Villeneuve Will Tell 'The Story Of Your Life' In Sci-Fi Drama

by Kevin Jagernauth
January 16, 2014 8:23 PM
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While we're a little bummed the excellent "Prisoners" didn't get a little more Oscar love (it managed one nomination for Roger Deakins' excellent cinematography), the success of the film at least means more movies from Denis Villeneuve, which is just fine by us. And while last month saw the helmer considering directing the border drama "Sicario," it looks like something else has commanded his attention.

THR reports that Villeneuve will direct the sci-fi drama "The Story Of Your Life." Based on the short story by Ted Chiang, and with a script by Eric Heisserer ("The Thing," "Final Destination 5"....hmm....), the story follows a linguist hired by the military to communicate with an alien craft to try and figure out why they've come to Earth. And in the course of her communication with the aliens, she has flashbacks that could reveal the answer of why they have arrived. We love us a dose of brainy sci-fi, and concerns about the screenwriter aside, we'd be pretty stoked to see Villeneuve tackle the genre. And the premise looks like something Villeneuve could get his (thematic) hands into.

Best of all, it looks like this one is coming together, because if all goes to plan, it will shoot later this year. Fingers crossed.

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  • Budd | January 17, 2014 5:21 AMReply

    And why don't you mention that Eric Heisserer also directed (and wrote) the well reviewed Hours most recently? Don't be so cynical.

  • Coco Jambo | January 17, 2014 4:43 AMReply

    Ted Chiang is great. He puts intelligence back into the genre. Hopefully the movie does justice.

  • Friend | January 17, 2014 1:36 AMReply

    The short story is one of the best. And you can find it online w/ some digging.

  • Tommy Oliver | January 17, 2014 12:25 AMReply

    Trust me when I tell you that your screenwriter concerns are unfounded. It's the best script I read last year (and I read a lot) - it's incredible.

  • Rach | January 17, 2014 3:13 AM

    100% agreed - one of the BEST scripts I've read in years. A really profound and beautiful sci fi mystery. So excited it's one step closer to being made!

  • Anonymouse | January 16, 2014 9:31 PMReply

    intelligent/cerebral sci-fi is always a good thing.

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