Bill Murray Ghostbusters 3

Take this with a grain of salt (although, it must be said, they were right about John Edwards' love child), but the National Enquirer (via Slashfilm) is reporting that Bill Murray is really done talking about a potential "Ghostbusters 3." How did he get the message across? Well, the tabloid is reporting that Murray sent a shredded copy of the most recent draft of the "Ghostbusters 3" script to original ghostbusters Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis with a note that read, "No one wants to pay money to see fat, old men chasing ghosts!" Who cares if this is a true story or not, it's sort of amazing.

According to National Enquirer, their "insiders" say that Akroyd and Ramis were furious over the gift, saying that they're determined to make the movie without Murray now. This is almost certainly complete bullshit but Murray is notoriously difficult and dodgy (ask the filmmakers behind the "Charlie's Angels" movies) and, if it were true, would take Murray to a whole new level of awesome old man grumpiness. However, if it is true, as much as Aykroyd and Ramis want to make this thing, Sony reportedly won't pull the trigger unless Murray is involved.

Who knows what is still going on with "Ghostbusters 3." Does anyone care? While Murray might not have sent a note that said, "No one wants to pay money to see fat, old men chasing ghosts," it's certainly a sentiment many can get behind.