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'Prometheus 2' Will Use 'Transcendence' Writer Jack Paglen To Terraform The Sequel

Photo of Kevin Jagernauth By Kevin Jagernauth | The Playlist June 17, 2013 at 10:11PM

Prometheus Noomi Rapace Set Photo

Welcome to Hollywood, Jack Paglen. The writer has seen a quick ascension up the Hollywood food chain, thanks to his 2012 Black List placing script for "Transcendence," which is now being made into a Wally Pfister-directed, Christopher Nolan-produced, Johnny Depp-starring movie. Not bad. And for his next trick? He's jumping on board what could be the most difficult sequel in development.

Yep, the "Prometheus" sequel is indeed brewing, and Fox are in negotiations for Paglen to write the script. He's inheriting a movie that got a very mixed reception, as well as a franchise that is beloved and practically guarded by fans with very, very high expectations. Regardless, it's a massive stepping stone for Paglen, and if he nails it, the gig could see his career vaulted even further than before. It's easy to see why he'd be willing to take it on -- it's a big challenge -- and he's got his work cut out for him. But he also likely has a good amount of breathing room.

While Noomi Rapace told us earlier this year that she had already met with Scott to discuss the sequel, it still seems a long way off. Why? Well, Scott is also contending with "Blade Runner 2" (sigh) but perhaps most importantly, the Moses movie "Exodus" is next and already has a release date slated for 2014. In fact, The Local reports that he's been busy scouting locations in Spain, and 3-4 weeks of the 19-week shoot will take place in the Canary Islands.

So yes, a "Prometheus 2" script is being worked on, but as these things usually go, Paglen's will likely be the first of a few pens to try and figure out where that ship goes with Elizabeth Shaw and David's head. [THR]

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