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Reboots! Roland Emmerich To Redo His Own ‘Stargate,’ Stallone Action Flick ‘Cliffhanger’ To Get Redid

by Edward Davis
May 29, 2014 8:14 PM
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Webster’s Dictionary defines the modern day reboot as thus:

*Noun 1. reboot – to take the familiar and make anew; "They are remaking 'Spider-Man' in his own image… again…"
Synonyms: refashion, remake, make over, lazy, recycle, give up
2. reboot – to start over your attempt to start over; “Platinum Dunes; “This ‘Friday The 13th’ sucks. Let’s try again.”
Synonyms: forgo imagination.

It can be potentially just as lazy and uninspired to complain about the modern day film reboot or “reimaginaing” as the actual redos themselves. After all, it’s really easy to be cynical with any cultural commentary. But Hollywood has given audiences little reason believe otherwise. Just look at recent redos like “Total Recall,” “RoboCop” and the “Amazing Spider-Man” series. Funny, those are all Sony projects — well, I’m sure that’s all just a huge coincidence.

In Hollywood no project ever dies. It just lays dormant or “develops.” If your project has brand equity, that means it's familiar and has value, so not remaking “E.T.” is like leaving money on the table. Why aren’t you leveraging that projected windfall?

If it was done and liked, chances are it’ll be liked again. At least that’s how the thinking goes. Two reboots were announced today. The first is from Neal Moritz and Studio Canal: they are mounting a remake of 1993's Sylvester Stallone-starring action hit "Cliffhanger." Presumably it’s not a prequel where a young pre-traumatized Stallone learns to love and climb mountains, but hell, you never know. Moritz’s production shingle is based over at Sony, so they will get a first crack at the project, but of course, this is complete coincidence. Funny that.

The second announced reboot of the day should go under the headline: Roland Emmerich To Reboot Roland Emmerich's 'Stargate,' Trilogy Planned. MGM, Warner Bros. (people who are not affiliated with Sony) are partnering with Emmerich and producer Dean Devlin to relaunch the "Stargate" movie that Emmerich directed in 1994, and reimagine it as a new trilogy. Devlin co-wrote the original and will produce this one, Emmerich is confirmed to direct.

You just can’t hold a good idea down, people.

*Possibly entirely made up. [Deadline/TheWrap]

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  • bohmer | May 29, 2014 8:55 PMReply

    that being said, i still sort of enjoyed the Robocop remake and i'm pretty interesting with a Stargate remake since the original had interesting concept but didn't do much with it...

  • Emperor Zerg Rush | May 30, 2014 10:02 AM

    I enjoyed the Robocop remake as well. Asking if someone liked it more than the '87 film is a loaded question though. The only people who would answer with a resounding yes to that would be those who obviously haven't bothered to see it.

    Unlike the Total Recall remake, the Robocop remake was (at least) entertaining even if it had to strip away elements that made the original have a more lasting cultural impact. Total Recall seemed far too eager to just sacrifice everything to make the box office bucks.

  • dylan | May 30, 2014 6:14 AM

    Did you enjoy Robocop more than the '87 original, and why do we think that Stargate will do any more with it since it has the same creative team involved?

    I don't get why Cliffhanger is getting touted as a reboot, as there was no subsequent franchise, Surely it's just a straight remake? With Stargate there are the TV shows, at least making it a multi media franchise

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