Robin Williams World's Greatest Dad
"World's Greatest Dad"

Less than 24 hours have passed since the news of Robin Williams' passing rocked the world, and it's still hard to believe the comedian/actor is no longer with us. Remembrances continue to pour in from throughout the globe, and it says something about how far and deeply Williams reached people that even The Roots member Questlove has a pretty remarkable and touching story about his brief encounter with the actor.

Later today, we'll have a more in depth look at the roles that Williams will forever be remembered for, but until then, we'll let his work speak for itself. Below, we begin with a seven-minute video tribute by Nelson Carvajal detailing Williams' career, followed by a podcast with Marc Maron where Williams candidly talks about his battles with alcohol and drugs, a vintage "60 Minutes" segment, a Time Magazine interview and clips from his many films.

Watch, listen and tell us your favorite memory of Williams.