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Robert Zemeckis Puts The Kibosh On His 'Yellow Submarine' Remake

by Cain Rodriguez
December 28, 2012 10:24 AM
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Yellow Submarine Robert Zemeckis

With his return to live-action filmmaking a financial and critical success, it seems like Robert Zemeckis isn’t in a hurry to return to the cold and creepy embrace of mo-cap. The “Flight” director was originally set to helm a mo-cap remake of the landmark Beatles animated film “Yellow Submarine” before Disney put the kibosh on the project in the wake of the dismal showing of “Mars Needs Moms” and now hit seems e’s cooled on the idea of ever returning to the project.

In a conversation with Total Film (via Movie Hole) Zemeckis talked about the difficulty of handling a remake of such a beloved property. “That would have been a great one to bring the Beatles back to life. But it’s probably better not to be remade - you’re always behind the 8-ball when you do a remake. It gets harder and harder [to make movies] with the current state of the industry," he explained. "It’s difficult to stay passionate about it. The hardest thing for a filmmaker as he’s aging is saying, ‘How much more of this crap can I take?’ It’s tough, I can only do it if I have a script to believe in, like ‘Flight.’”

Maybe now he’ll wise up and stop the development of the unnecessary “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” sequel and stay within the live-action and original realm. The remake of "Yellow Submarine" always seemed a dubious proposition, so we're just glad its off the table. Catch “Flight” in theaters now.

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  • Clare | January 4, 2013 9:54 PMReply

    The Beatles will never be overrated, but this is good news. So is the dumping of a Roger Rabbit remake. Did anyone like the first one enough to buy a copy? I rest my case.

    Flight was awesome, as was John Carter. Disney screwed up royally on their promotion and release of that film, which could, and should, have become a franchise, appealing mostly to families and old-school sci-fi. In it's attempt to remake itself, Disney has lost touch with good family filmmaking.

  • John B | December 31, 2012 2:51 PMReply

    This is good news. The Beatles are overrated anyway! Good decision Bob!

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