It seems Ron Howard has been bitten by the fantasy bug. Either that, or he sees the writing on the wall and with "The Hobbit" coming next year and "Game Of Thrones" earning huge buzz on HBO, the genre is gearing up for a comeback. Anyway, he's already got the massive film-and-TV franchise "The Dark Tower" which he will get to next, but he's attached himself to another fantasy picture. Sort of.

Deadline reports that Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment have picked up "Amnesty," a script by Max Landis (yes, the son of John who wrote the upcoming found footage superhero thing, "Chronicle"). No word yet on the exact nature of the plot but it is said to combine elements of J.R.R. Tolkien and Robert Ludlum which makes no sense to us, unless it has hobbits who are capable of emotionless hand-to-hand combat and gun battles. Wait, that could possibly be amazing.

If we had to guess, we'd say it'll probably get passed along to someone else. We don't imagine Ron Howard squeezing in another movie -- at least not something like this -- before "The Dark Tower." But hey, strangers things have happened. Anyway, the first entry in that series hits May 17, 2013.