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Rumor: David Goyer Has Pitched A 'Sandman' Movie Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt To Warner Bros.

by Kevin Jagernauth
November 20, 2013 1:42 PM
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Sandman Joseph Gordon-Levitt

As always, this kind of stuff is filled with "maybes," "probablys" and "perhaps one day" — that's the way rumors go. But it's also tantalizing enough that one can't really ignore it, though as always, take this info with a big grain of salt.

Anyway, over at Badass Digest, they're reporting that David S. Goyer has pitched a "Sandman" movie, based on Neil Gaiman's celebrated comic, to the guys in suits at Warner Bros., and they have been "receptive." Of course, that could mean a lot of things, but we'd wager that since Goyer is well regarded at the studio (thanks to "The Dark Knight" trilogy, "Man Of Steel" and the forthcoming "Batman Vs. Superman," as well as the brewing "The Flash") that they took the time not afforded some random person knocking at their door to hear him out.

So what makes this rumor have a bit more meat on the bone? Well, DC dude Geoff Johns apparently likes the concept, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt is reportedly "involved," but how deeply at what is described as "the most vestigial of stages" is unclear. Perhaps Goyer simply asked JGL if he's want to read the script when he was done, and if he'd be interested to play Morpheus (which he's apparently "intending" to do)? We could buy that. Anything further, we'd be a bit surprised. But most crucially of all, whether or not Neil Gaiman has been contacted about this isn't certain yet.

As fans know, "Sandman" is famously one of those "development hell" projects, with a version in the '90s kicking around with Roger Avary to direct from a (widely reviled) script tinkered with by a handful of writers. Then around 2010, it was mooted as an HBO project with James Mangold attached that never went anywhere. (Read more about those versions right here).

Frankly, we don't see WB putting too much heat on this just yet, as their eyes are likely firmly on "Man Of Steel" and world-building until the eventual "Justice League." Is it on a desk somewhere as a future possibility? Sure, why not, but the development process can be long and cruel (as previous iterations prove) so we'll see what eventually happens.

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  • Spacecase | June 13, 2014 6:18 PMReply

    Dream needs to be played by Benedict Cumberbatch. JG-L can play Desire.

  • phil | November 22, 2013 4:57 AMReply

    One way to do it : Make a Sandman TV series. Get Steven Moffat as the showrunner and bring famous and talented guest directors and writers for each episode and let them enjoy some creative freedom. That way you can recreate the tonal and visual shifts of the comics in the series. Think about it : guest director : Guillermo Del Toro ! Terry Gilliam ! guest writer : Philip Pullman ! G.R.R Martin !

  • Hmm | November 20, 2013 4:45 PMReply

    I'd love to see Gordon-Levitt but I'm not too crazy about Goyer after Man of Steel.

  • Sean | November 20, 2013 3:25 PMReply

    Your previous article said Avary and Co.'s script was an amazing adaptation of the first two novels where as here you say it's "reviled". What's the beef?

    Also Goyer is part of the shitty commercial blockbuster writers club.

  • Lars | November 20, 2013 6:24 PM

    Yeah. I heard that Gaiman liked Avary's script the most, hence working together on Beowulf and subsequently Black Hole. It was AFTER Avary left the project (over differences with Jon Peters -- supposedly for defending the Sandman character from what the producers wanted to do, throwing punches, fighting the Corinthian, etc.) that a string of bad bad writers came through and trashed the material. Eventually, Gaiman asked the studio not to make it, and they respected him. But Goyer and Gaiman are friends, and Goyer has adapted Gaiman's work before with Murder Mysteries, and so maybe this could be a good thing. I personally would love to see this movie.

  • JJ | November 20, 2013 2:23 PMReply

    Goyer shouldn't touch Sandman with a ten foot pole.

  • That Kid | November 20, 2013 1:47 PMReply

    Oh god please not Goyer. And Levitt? Correct answer is Benedict Cumberbatch

  • Daniel | November 20, 2013 3:23 PM


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