Russell Brand seems to be suffering from the same curse as fellow Brit comedian Ricky Gervais. Both are immensely funny guys who couldn't pick a feature film project to save their life (though with the Aldous Snow pictures, Brand does have a bit of a lead).

Anyway, Warner Bros. has picked up the rights to the late '70s/early '80s Brit comedy "Rentaghost" to develop into a film for Brand. Described as a "Beetlejuice" styled romp, the story follows "Fred Mumford, a recently deceased guy determined to be more productive as a corpse than he was during his life as a slacker. He attempts to set himself up in a business with a couple of other ghouls, starting a temp agency for the dead. Mumford and cohorts rent out ghouls and ghosts to the living, until things go awry."

This one is way off yet as it's only going out writers at the moment. Either way it seems kind of ridiculous but suited quite obviously to Brand's style of off-the-cuff verbal humor. No word yet if they will redo the intro for the original show.